Microblading pricing


A customized brow experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention.



Microblading                                                    $350

  6 weeks touch up                                                   $75

 6 month                                                         $100

 1-2 years                                                       $200-$250

 2-3 years                                                       $250-$300

Shading/Ombre                                              $350

Microblading and shading                              $350

Top eyeliner                                                    $250

  6 weeks touch up                                           $75

Bottom liner                                                    $200

  6 weeks touch up                                           $50

Lip liner                                                          $200

Full lips                                                          $400

 6 weeks touch up                                          $100


Eyebrows are a prominent feature on the face, and it will change the way you look completely. This is why it is good to invest in the right technique and artist when it comes to maintaining your eyebrows. Finding someone who has knowledge in skin will help, they know the different skin type, color theory and brow shaping that suit different face shape. Jeanni is also an makeup artist for over 20 years plus drawing the best brows in Houston. She can help you get the perfect brows you dream of. Our approach is natural and not over done. Honesty and quality is what we give our client. Our pigments are high end and does not contain illegal quantities of heavy metals. Made from GERMANY. Equipment and tools are top quality.